Chris Marshall

Born in Yorkshire in 1963, moved to Staffordshire in 1976, educated in the UK and USA emerging with what they used to call O’Levels, A’Levels, a BA (Hons) Economics and an MSc Information Systems Design & Management.

Lived and worked in the UK, USA and Spain, conducted business in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Dubai and throughout the EU.

Career started in traditional large organisation as a Graduate Trainee, moved into smaller company to gain first Director role, and subsequently completed three Management Buy Outs, in addition to gaining main Board experience, merger and acquisition skills and a wide variety of industry sector exposure.

Career primarily focussed on technology sector historically, moving more into the internet and digital media sector, and during our 15 year period in Spain have fine tuned by writing, media, coaching, mentoring, driving, organisational, communication and pet handling skills!

Sandra Marshall

Born in Surrey in 1960, moved to Lancashire in 1967, educated in the UK with very much a science bias in O and A Levels. Attended university in London, before deciding that business was a better fit for her skills.

Worked in same large organisation as Chris, first in Customer Service, before moving into Software Consultancy and then Senior Management.

Voluntary redundancy in 1995 facilitated the move into M2 Associates and the provision of a variety project management, marketing services and financial controller roles.

In Spain utilised all these skills and more i.e. regular contributor to printed media and radio, to establish and run our ALStrays Re-Homing Project, which has to date re-homed just under 1500 cats off the streets of Spain, primarily to Germany.

It is this project which established the desire for both partners to extend their involvement in animal and human welfare in both a hands on and business way.